Why invest in property

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You’ll often hear that investing is important, but there are so many things to invest in, so why property?

A lot of people will argue that real estate investing is neither easy nor a quick process. It takes time to understand the market and develop knowledge within the industry and also it takes time to get to the point of the property settlement. 

Sounds complicated?

You are not alone – that’s the very reason some people ignore property and choose to simply park their money in shares or managed funds.

Property investing in Australia is a long-term investment that has shown to grow over time and has made many people financially independent. When it comes to starting the investment property process it’s important to utilise a professional that can guide you through the process that will not only make it easier and more streamlined for yourself but will also ensure you are finding the right property in terms of location, growth, occupancy rate and rental yield. 

Here are some benefits to investing in property: 

Anyone can invest in property

Investing in property isn’t just for the wealthy, it’s for anyone that is looking to get ahead in life.

The Security of property

Property has never gone broke. Yes, read that again. Investing in property is low risk, even allowing for the ups and downs of real estate values that we hear about, the underlying trend of property prices in the major capital city residential markets has been steady growth. Banks have always considered real estate as excellent security. That’s why they are happy to lend you up to 95% because property values have never fallen in the long term.

Capital Growth

Capital growth is an increase in the value of an asset or investment over time. While there is no guarantee your property will gain in value over any given period, and capital growth largely depends on where and what you buy, historically real estate experiences steady growth over the long term. When it comes to investing in property it’s important to talk to an expert because they will be able to assist you in choosing the right investment based on location and the capital growth in the area.

You are in control of your investment

The owner of the property is in complete control and can make all the decisions. You can control who tenants the property, the rent amount and potential for more growth. For example, if you are looking for an increase in returns then you can look at renovating the property to add value and make it more desirable which results in a potential for higher rent.

Get started in property investment with Corbwood

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