As a team, we are here to educate, support and inspire people to use their Superannuation to buy an investment property to give them the brighter financial future they deserve.

Corbwood & Associates takes a holistic approach towards wealth creation on the Gold Coast. With years of combined experience in all areas of financial services, we have created a streamlined system, that allows you to navigate the market effectively, whilst having your hand held by our expert team every step of the way. We have a healthy balance of youth and experience which brings to the table creativity and innovation, as well as, tried and tested methods that have worked for the past several decades.

Our team prides itself on being humanistic, relatable, honest, transparent and extremely hard working. Having assisted several thousand Australian families we have a credible track record to prove our ability to help people create wealth through property.

About Corbwood & Associates

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Our Founder & Director Jack Corbett

Our Founder & Director Jack Corbett is a working-class guy born and raised in housing commission in Birmingham, UK.

When he started Corbwood & Associates back in 2017, he was very clear that the service must always be free of charge and we would not be aiming to help rich people get richer, but instead help everyday working-class people like him, to simply get ahead and feel comfortable about the position they will be in when they retire.

As a team at Corbwood & Associates, we are here to work together to help every day Australians take a step towards a brighter financial future.

Welcome to Corbwood & Associates.

Corbwood & Associates specialise in assisting every day Australian families to create wealth by investing in high growth, positive cash flow residential Australian properties both inside and outside superannuation. We have always been a complimentary service provider and we always will be in order to stand by our mission of helping everyday Australians get above the bread line and have a brighter financial future. 

We work directly alongside some of the countries best financial planners, mortgage and insurance brokers, accountants and solicitors to make sure that you are supported and cared for every step of the way through to your retirement.

After engaging our services you will be assigned a dedicated Client Liaison Officer (CLO), so you will only ever have to maintain one relationship and that person can work 1 to 1 with you to make sure we achieve all of your financial goals.

We would love to answer any questions you have so please feel free to book in a time with one of our professionals.

Purchasing a Property Through SMSF with Corbwood & Associates

Buying residential property with SMSF is one of the most common ways that Australian investors look to build their retirement portfolios.

And it makes sense too. Property is a mid-to-long-term investment category and SMSFs are intended for mid-to-long term investment time horizons.

Australians use SMSFs to buy residential investment properties to maximise the returns that smartly selected real estate investments have to offer.

Setting up an SMSF & purchasing an investment property can be an overwhelming & complicated process. Taking control of your finances and creating wealth can be very daunting, but here at Corbwood & Associates, we have created an end to end process that allows us to help you with every single aspect of your finances. If you are looking to take control of your finances and would like to talk to one of our advisors on what steps to take next, please see the link below to book your COMPLIMENTARY consultation.

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The choices you make today can determine the financial outcomes you can achieve tomorrow and the length of time it may take you to retire successfully.

Real estate investment can be complicated and a trap for the uninitiated.  Over the years our staff and professional partners have discovered all the “tricks of the trade” and learnt through experience how to succeed in building a property portfolio that will can dividends for years to come

Nothing excites us more than sharing our passion for the property market with our clients.  Like the Titans and the Sharks, we’re your local winning team in property!

Contact our friendly staff at Corbwood & Associates today to find out how we can help you to secure your financial future today.”

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