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Finding the right home loan in Australia for property investment can be a nightmare for the uninitiated and for anyone who is new to the real estate market.

If you have modest savings, a solid work history and are looking to build a property portfolio before you retire, finding a lender with the right products at the right price point, who will work with you on the journey, is critical to succeeding in this ever-changing market.

The home lending industry in Australia has been shaped in recent years by some significant changes: 

1. New money has flowed into real estate from investment banks, super funds and other institutions due to unforeseen volatility in share and commodity markets around the world.

2. The rapid up-take of technological innovation has also made the lending process faster, easier and more competitive amongst lenders than ever before!

3. And now, as governments move to stimulate economic growth and investment, lending criteria and banking regulation is starting to ease and smart lenders are using targeted products to assist buyers with specific profiles take advantage of buying opportunities in unique real estate markets.

That’s where Corbwood & Associates comes in!

Home Loans in Australia

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Which home loan is best?

At Corbwood & Associates, we have an associated network of dedicated professionals like financial advisors, mortgage brokers and real estate agents that will assist you throughout the whole process and help you make decisions like choosing a home loan that is best for you and your property.

From accountants, mortgage brokers, conveyancers and financial advisers, our associates know how to find the best buying opportunities and acquire them in the most financially efficient way possible to help you acquire your property portfolio sooner.

We can help you:

  • Devise a financing strategy to get your property portfolio ‘off the ground’
  • Research, find and select unique properties from sellers not available to the general public
  • Take advantage of negative gearing to reduce your taxable income, enabling you to recycle tax savings and pay off your investment loans faster

We enable clients around Australia buy properties in city centres, new townships and other regions where urban populations are on the rise.

Combine home loans with super savings to boost your purchasing power

There has never been a better time for Australians with modest savings and superannuation balances to begin property investing in Australia.

Using self-managed super funds to buy property allows savvy investors to scale up their property investments sooner and diversify their retirement nest egg.

By using a limited recourse loan arrangement, self-managed super funds are also able to take out home loans in Australia to scale up their purchasing power in real estate markets.

If you are aged 55 to 60, a transition-to-retirement pension strategy may enable you to begin your property investing journey earlier than you think.  Taking a portion of your super as a pension early enables Australians to reduce their work hours before moving into full retirement and to start building their property portfolio before giving up work altogether.

And if you are at the top of your career and for ways to reduce your taxable income, acquiring negatively geared properties with the best home loans offers a reliable way to legally reduce your tax by claiming property deductions beyond the cost of holding the investment.

Our friendly financial planning partners can assist you to design a property home loan strategy in Australia geared to your particular risk appetite, career time horizon and personal objectives.

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The choices you make when you start your real estate journey can make a massive difference to the results you achieve when you retire.

As real estate is a mid to long term investment option, it is essential to get the strategy right from the beginning by talking to experts in the field who know all the tips and traps and have all the contacts and work in the industry every day.

Finding and structuring the right home loan for your financial profile is just as important and locating and acquiring the right properties for your Australian property investment goals.

Like the Titans and the Sharks, you need the best real estate team in the country to achieve a longer, happier and more secure retirement through property investment opportunities.


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Contact our friendly staff and professional partners today to find how to succeed in the real estate market.  Your financial freedom and retirement dreams may be closer than you think!

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