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Corbwood & Associates takes a holistic approach towards wealth creation

With years of combined experience in all areas of financial services, Corbwood, along with our associates, has created a streamlined system, that allows you to navigate the market effectively, whilst having your hand held by our expert team every step of the way.

At a time when share markets are under increasing pressure due to Covid-19, technological change and shifting global economies, investing in the security and stability of residential real estate offers working Australians a sure-fire way to set up for their retirement and secure their financial future.

The Commonwealth Government offers a number of superannuation strategies to make this possible:


using self-managed super funds to buy property;


adopting a retirement strategy; and


taking advantage of negative gearing for property investment home loans.

At Corbwood & Associates, we engage a team of specialised professionals to determine which approach is right for you and to help you strategically acquire the properties you need to achieve a happy and secure retirement.

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Using self-managed super funds to buy property

Using self-managed super funds to buy property is the smart way to diversify your retirement nest egg and reduce risk.

We think all portfolios should have a real estate component and your self-managed super fund investments are no different.

Clients can use their savings in self-managed super funds to buy investment properties if the goal is to build wealth to supplement or replace their retirement incomes.

Self-managed super funds are also permitted to obtain finance to boost their purchasing power in the real estate market if a limited recourse borrowing arrangement is implemented. 

The structure of each self-managed super fund needs to be carefully considered in all cases, especially when funds have multiple members, each with their own life goals and retirement timelines.

Our friendly financial planning partners can assist you to design an investment strategy geared to your particular risk appetite, career time horizon and personal objectives.

Taking advantage of negative gearing for property investment home loans

Taxpayers who are approaching retirement are often at the peak of their careers and paying more tax than ever before.

Reducing your tax bill through negative gearing can be an effective way of putting more of your money to work through real estate investment.

Deducting investment costs and recycling tax savings into property investment home loan payments enables you to pay off your real estate investment faster and with greater financial efficiency.

Our expert accounting partners specialise in negatively geared property investments to help you ensure you claim every cent of interest, depreciation and running costs and put those savings towards growing your investment property equity.

And by engaging our expert mortgage broking partners, you can simultaneously ensure that you structure your property investment home loan in the most effective way possible, with a rate and fee structure tailored to your negative gearing arrangements.

Adopting a retirement strategy

If you are aged 55 to 60, you can legally transfer amounts from your accumulated superannuation savings and put them towards a retirement pension to supplement income from other work.

By commuting your superannuation in this way, you can materially reduce your work hours and start moving into retirement sooner.

For many taxpayers, a retirement strategy eases the ‘retirement shock’ of giving up a lifetime of work all-in-one-go, without any adjustment period.

More importantly, it also gives Australians who are having difficulty with keeping up full time work the opportunity to draw an income stream from their super to support and maintain their non-superannuation investments, like rental properties.

In all cases, our accounting and tax adviser partners assist clients to understand the special tax treatment of retirement income streams and maximise the benefits this strategy has to offer.

At Corbwood & Associates, we have helped thousands of clients successfully move into retirement by reducing work whilst continuing to grow their retirement portfolio.

Working Class Aussie Success Stories


From the offset, every interaction with Corbwood & Associates has been highly professional, informative. Requests for information are always promptly handled with clarity and explanation. The process of setting up a new SMSF is both timely and demanding and C&A ensured we were briefed in every step of the way throughout this journey. The team ensured documentation was as pre-filled as possible and relayed all deadlines with us during each process involved. Jack has a wealth of knowledge and made the entire experience as easy and as smooth as possible. He was involved in every aspect and for that as a new client going through such a big change, was a relief and a comfort. I would not hesitate in recommending Jack and his entire team to anyone Australia wide.

Tracey & William Marshall


Jack and the whole team at Corbwood and Associates Pty Ltd helped us set up our Self Managed Superannuation Fund and put us in contact with other great businesses to provide us with a very detailed, up to date and most importantly correct information for us to make an informed decision regarding how to set up the fund. We were provided with face to face meetings at our house at our convenience with various business partners to assist us where necessary and we were also provided with great information regarding where and how to make the most of our superannuation investment opportunities. Corbwood and Associates Pty Ltd have always been willing, able and available to answer any questions or doubts that we may have had. We definately recommend Corbwood and Associates Pty Ltd to anybody wishing to set up a self managed super fund to buy property.

Joseph Castorina

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The choices you make today can determine the financial outcomes you can achieve tomorrow and the length of time it may take you to retire successfully.

Real estate investment can be complicated and a trap for the uninitiated.  Over the years our staff and professional partners have discovered all the “tricks of the trade” and learnt through experience how to succeed in building a property portfolio that will can dividends for years to come.

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Nothing excites us more than sharing our passion for the property market with our clients.  Like the Titans and the Sharks, we’re your local winning team in property!

Contact our friendly staff at Corbwood & Associates today to find out how we can help you to secure your financial future today.

At Corbwood & Associates, we engage a team of specialised professionals to determine which approach is right for you and to help you strategically acquire the properties you need to achieve a happy and secure retirement.

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