Property investment in Australia
– keys to financial freedom

There has never been a better time for Australians with modest savings and superannuation balances to pursue a property investment strategy in Australia.

Individuals and couples living on the Gold Coast and around Australia can now access real estate professionals who specialise in unlocking the financial firepower of superannuation to acquire reliable income generating residential properties.

The past 12 months has produced some of the most volatile and unpredictable share market fluctuations in over a decade, and not just due to the impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Technological change and the movement of economic power from the West to the East has lead investors everywhere to take their money out of high-risk stocks and into long term, stable, secure real estate portfolios.

property investing in Australia
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The Federal Government monitors these changes better than everyone, which is why they provide financial incentives to enable everyday Australians use their super to acquire and build residential properties.

At Corbwood & Associates, we have a team of professionals who specialise in assisting clients work out which approach is right for them.  Whether you are looking at property investment in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or around Australia, we can help you to execute your property investment plan to achieve a happy and secure retirement.

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Financial incentives to facilitate property investment in Australia

Using self-managed super funds to buy property is the smart way to diversify your retirement nest egg and reduce risk.

Clients can use their savings in self-managed super funds to buy investment properties in Australia if the objective is to build wealth to supplement or replace their retirement incomes.

Provided a limited recourse borrowing arrangement is utilized, self-managed super funds can also apply for home loans to boost their purchasing power in real estate markets. 

If you are aged 55 to 60, you can also legally transfer amounts from your accumulated superannuation savings and put them towards a transition-to-retirement pension to supplement income from other work.

For many taxpayers, a transition-to-retirement strategy eases the suddenness of retirement by allowing you reduce your work hours and start moving into retirement sooner.

A transition to retirement strategy can enable workers nearing retirement to draw an income stream from super to maintain non-superannuation investments, like rental properties.

And if you are at the pinnacle of your careers and are paying a lot of tax, negative gearing offers a reliable way to legally reduce your taxable income whilst putting hard earned money to work through real estate investment.

Our friendly financial planning partners can assist you to design an investment strategy geared to your particular risk appetite, career time horizon and personal objectives.

Property investing in Brisbane, Gold Coast and around Australia

What makes Corbwood & Associates unique is our ability to intelligently select market leading residential opportunities in greenfield developments and “next trend” regions using the latest research and economic expertise.

We seek out prospects for property investing in Brisbane, property investing on the Gold Coast and property investing around Australia in all the nooks and crannies and special places that our competitors don’t think to explore.

Then once we’ve identified a group of targets, our team of financial advisers, mortgage brokers, conveyancers, accountants and superannuation experts really get to work by designing your strategy to acquire and secure that real property asset in the most financial efficient way possible.


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The choices you make today can determine the financial results you experience tomorrow and beyond.  By making smart decisions and taking the right advice with your superannuation and property options, you can achieve a better, longer and happier retirement than you ever thought possible.

Contact our friendly staff and professional partners to access their experience and how to succeed in the real estate market.  Like the Sharks and the Titans, there’s simply no better team than Corbwood & Associates for property investing in Australia.

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