Buying Property With a Self Managed Super Fund

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You’ll often hear that investing is important, but there are so many things to invest in, so why property?

A lot of people will argue that real estate investing is neither an easy nor a quick process. It takes time to understand the market and develop knowledge within the industry and also it takes time to get to the point of the property settlement.

Using self managed super funds to buy property is one of the most common and intelligent ways that people use to invest in residential property markets.

Self-managed super fund and property investment rules permit Australians to invest in real estate as part of a diversified asset allocation strategy. Real estate offers a safe and reliable investment category for individuals wanting to avoid higher-risk options when approaching their retirement age.

self managed super fund property investment
Self managed super fund property investing

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Making the most out of self managed super fund property investment Australia

Using your Self Managed Super Fund to invest in property is a mid-to-long term investment that is there to supplement your super to fund retirement and give you the retirement you deserve. One of the beauties of having a self-managed superannuation fund is the ability to leverage your super, by borrowing money from a lender, to be able to make more sizable investment purchases, such as Australian residential houses and land.

Our team and associates at Corbwood & Associates are here to assist you and determine your ideal investment plan based on your current position, personal goals and lifestyle options. Our professionals will offer you advice based on the current market situation and help you look for a property that aligns with your goals and will provide you with the best returns on your investment and your future. There are many rules and regulations around buying a property with SMSF such as the type, style, age and location of property. To smoothly buy property with SMSF our professionals are here to help you stay within the tight rules and regulations.

The true beauty of being able to borrow with a SMSF loan, and the reason it has become one of the fastest-growing financial services sectors in this country, is because it has the potential to massively accelerate the growth of your super, allowing you to not only profit from the growth of the super funds you had to start with but also to make a profitable return from monies borrowed as well.

Talk to our experts today about how self managed super funds property investment Australia can be structured to provide retirement benefits for you.

Invest Super In Property to Secure Your Future

At Corbwood & Associates, we are not here to help rich people get richer, we are here to help everyday Australians get above the breadline, take a positive step towards their financial future and help them live the retirement they truly deserve.

Planning your retirement is essential to retiring successfully, and many people who have worked so hard for so long don’t have a clear journey to retirement. Our team and associates at Corbwood & Associates are here to understand where you are currently at in life, your financial and retirement goals and put together a plan that will drive you towards the financial goals you need in order to have the retirement you dream of and deserve.

Can I Use My Super To Buy An Investment Property?

Using your super to buy property is a mid to long-term investment and like real estate, superannuation grows steadily over time, giving you the financial security and measurable results, you need and want to head into retirement with confidence. Unlike industry and retail funds, self-managed super funds are controlled by members and made for taxpayers who want to make their own choices about how they invest. Take back control of your super.

Get in touch with one of our professionals today to learn more about your options with investing in property with your self managed super fund.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the risks with purchasing an investment property through an SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund)?

    There are a couple of risks that can accompany using your SMSF (Self-Managed Super Fund) to invest in property - one being cash flow. Your loan repayments will come from your SMSF. So things like rent from your tenant and contributions from your employer that fund your SMSF will contribute towards your repayments, so you need to ensure it has sufficient funds to make the repayments. However, we and our associates work with you to ensure these risks are minimised and you're able to see a healthy return on investment.

  • What are the ongoing costs when your purchase a property through your SMSF?

    There are a couple of ongoing costs that come with using your SMSF to purchase a property. These include:

    • Property management fees
    • Accounting and auditing costs
    • Building insurance, council, and water rates of your investment property
    • Body Corp, if relevant
    • Business registration of your SMSF with ASIC.

    There may also be other fees depending on if you engage any other ongoing services such as financial planners or advisors. However, we have our trusted associates that assist our clients along the way.

  • What happens with my SMSF when I retire?

    When you retire, you have two options.

    1) continue to receive rent on your investment property as your pension-based income, or

    2) sell the investment property and once you've paid any potential remaining debt on the property, use those funds as your retirement income. You need to reach the preservation criteria at the age of 60- 65 to sell the property in order to not pay capital gains tax.

    At Corbwood & Associates, our network is more than happy to chat and discuss which option is right for you.

Working Class Aussie Success Stories


My partner Harry and I would highly recommend the services of Corbwood & Associates. We couldn’t have been happier with the service and now the end result. Thank you.

From the initial contact we had had with Tracey Buggy, through to Jack Corbett, what felt like his full team (Jessica Peak, their brokers Karen Hodgson and Darren Coff, forgive me if I’ve forgotten anyone), and then their associates at Silvertail Property Group (South Australia) Nidal Rasheed, Sam Elsayed and Lauren Teoh, through to the finished build, handover and now as landlords, we’ve felt like VIP’s.

Each consultant worked tirelessly to achieve the best result possible and presented themselves professionally, with empathy and compassion.

We started the process jaded from a previous failed investment and found that Jack had us at ease and excited within the first phone call.

We now have our first SMSF investment property, tenanted (thank you Silvertail) and rented at 6.6% above what was expected.

To anyone considering contacting Corbwood & Associates, don’t hesitate, the communication and now after sales care has made us feel like we weren’t the little guy, but a part of their team too.

I can’t wait to do it all over again, thank you always, Corbwood & Associates.

Karen Binder


Jack and the whole team at Corbwood & Associates went above and beyond in helping me set up my SMSF and purchase two investment properties.

I can’t thank Jack and the team enough for all they have done. Corbwood & Associates made it so easy for me. They guided me through the whole process and no question was too hard (and I had plenty of questions). Jack has a wealth of knowledge. He took the time to explain everything to me and he is so very down to earth.

I felt very supported by Jack and his team through the whole process. They did all the work and organised everything including pre-filling documents for me so I just had to sign.

I highly recommend Corbwood & Associates.

Judy Kidcaff

Who are Corbwood & Associates?

We are a specialist real estate investment firm located on the Gold Coast and assisting thousands of clients around the country for borrowing to buy property in SMSF and achieve their property investment dreams.

We are uniquely dedicated to the wants and needs of Australian families who seek to enjoy life with family and friends long into their retirement.

Too many hard-working Australians have lost their retirement savings in the volatile ups and downs of riskier investment categories.

Our exclusive network of real estate agents, financial planners, accountants and mortgage brokers work together with one goal in mind … making sure that your superannuation funds are safely invested in well researched ‘bricks and mortar’ assets which will pay you tax efficient returns for years to come.  

Contact our friendly staff today or drop into our office for a coffee and a chat, to find out more about how we can help you to secure your financial future today.

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