Retirement Calculator

How Much Do I Need?

Lots of news articles will tell you that you need over $1m to retire comfortably, but everybody is different. At Corbwood & Associates, we’ve built this retirement calculator so that you can calculate how much super you want for your personal retirement. 

When you have that all-important number, it’s easier to make a plan for your retirement so that you can have the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.
This exercise will provide you with self-awareness of exactly what financial position you want to be in on the day you stop working. We then compare that against the financial position that you’re in today to find what the shortfall is between those two positions. When we know the shortfall, we work out how much time you have left in the workforce, which will then let us know how much you need to generate in additional income every single year to achieve your retirement goal.
When you know how much you want to have for retirement, if you need any assistance getting there, please get in touch with us so we can make a plan together.  For most people, their shortfall is scarily high, but don’t let that deter you. We can provide you with all the tools & professional services you need to put a retirement plan into action. Contact us today to get started.