Self Managed Super Fund Property Investment Gold Coast

Interested in using your super to buy an investment property on the Gold Coast or another high-growth area of Australia?

If you have ever wanted to pursue buying a property through your self-managed super fund on the Gold Coast, now could be the ideal time. Corbwood & Associates will introduce you to their network of trusted, professional associates who are able to assist you with setting up a self managed super fund, and walk you through the entire process of using that fund to purchase an investment property.

Our associates are here to support you through every step of this process, from the very start, to purchase, and even beyond.

Property Investing on The Gold Coast Made Easy

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Why Invest in Property?

The Gold Coast is one of the fastest-growing cities in Australia, but it’s not the only one. There are many high-growth areas of Australia that our associates can recommend purchasing an investment property in. The key is finding an area that offers a high rental yield compared with other major cities and represents a great opportunity for the educated investor. 

Using your super to invest in property offers you many benefits: 

  • Potentially reducing risk exposure 
  • Provides you with a possible tax deduction
  • Offers reduced tax rates
  • Creates a rental income that flows back into your superannuation, boosting your balance. 
  • Aids in an ongoing retirement income

When considering a well-funded retirement, investing in property through with your super may be an investment that drives you in the right direction to have the retirement you truly deserve.

Gold Coast Property Investment

While the Gold Coast has some fantastic investment opportunities, it is wise to seek professional insights into which areas are the best performing. At Corbwood & Associates, we can provide you with well-researched options to ensure you are able to make fully informed decisions about where may be a good location to invest your super balance. Our professional associates can help you identify the appropriate investment property for your situation, and ensure you remain compliant with all the relevant regulations.

Should you require additional funding to finalise the purchase, we also have partnerships with specialists in SMSF lending, whom we can introduce you to. These loans can be incredibly complex, so they are best left to the experts – our associates can help you secure a competitive and appropriate loan. To further streamline your investment experience with us, we can put you in contact with our legal, accounting and other financial partners as required.

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Property Investing on The Gold Coast Made Easy With Corbwood & Associates

When investing through your self managed super funds, you always need professional guidance – which is where the expert associates of Corbwood & Associates come in. Using your self managed super fund to invest in property on the Gold Coast and other high-growth areas of Australia is permitted as part of a diversified asset allocation strategy, however, it needs to be done in compliance with all relevant regulations. These regulations are set out and enforced by the ATO, ASIC and APRA – at Corbwood & Associates, we handle all aspects of compliance and ensure your investment is handled both professionally and correctly. 

Gold Coast Property Investment
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Don’t be put off being financially secure by the overwhelming rules and regulations of investing your SMSF balance. We are passionate about helping our clients build dynamic and successful property portfolios through their self-managed super fund. Using your self-managed super fund for property investment on the Gold Coast or other high-growth areas of Australia doesn’t need to be stressful or overly complex. Our fully licensed and qualified professionals can handle all the details for you, allowing you to look forward to the financially secure and relaxing retirement you deserve.

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