Self Managed Super Fund Property Investment Adelaide

Are you interested in using your super to buy an investment property in Adelaide or other high-growth areas in Australia?

Not sure where to begin or what the rules are when it comes to purchasing a property with your Self Managed Super Fund? Corbwood and Associates are here to offer you their professional advice from years of experience in the industry and introduce you to their network of trusted associates that will support you through the entire process. 

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about using your super to invest in property. Our associates are here to support you, from the very start to the final point of purchasing your property, and even beyond.

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Why Invest in Property?

When considering investing in property you must look for the high-growth areas of Australia, such as Adelaide, you must make sure you choose an area that exhibits good potential for you as an investor to buy and hold. The key is to find a property market that combines liveability and affordability with long term growth, consistency and price stability.

This makes it an ideal investment opportunity, particularly for those who wish to grow their property portfolio as part of a self-managed super fund investment strategy. 

Investing in Adelaide or other areas of Australia through your SMSF creates opportunities for:

  • Reduced taxation rates
  • Tax deductions 
  • Creation of long-term retirement income
  • Provides a rental income that flows back into your super to boost its balance 
  • Low-risk, high yield investment

Should a well-funded retirement be something you wish to achieve, investing in Adelaide or other high-growth areas through your self managed super fund may be one of the strategies to help you achieve it.

Property Investment in Adelaide

There are numerous rules and regulations with regards to what property you can and cannot purchase through your SMSF. These regulations and all audits are carried out by the ATO, APRA and ASIC and must be adhered to. The professionals at Corbwood & Associates can help you identify the appropriate investment property for your situation and ensure you remain compliant with all relevant regulations. 

Our team at Corbwood & Associates will recommend the best area to purchase an investment property that will offer you the best long-term return on investment. Investing shouldn’t involve emotional attachment – the decision on where to invest should be based on the facts and figures that will give you the returns you need in order to achieve a brighter financial future and retirement that you deserve. This strategy aims to help you to boost your super balance and pursue the retirement you dream of.

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Property Investing Adelaide Made Easy with Corbwood & Associates

Investing through self managed super funds, particularly when additional lending is involved, requires professional guidance. Engaging the licensed and fully qualified experts at Corbwood & Associates means all these complexities can be handled for you. On your behalf, we can work with our trusted accountants, legal representation and any financial services to streamline the process. We want you to make informed decisions with the very best advice on hand. We walk you through all the pros and cons and help you come to the best decision for your future. 

Don’t be put off from pursuing a financially secure retirement by the overwhelming aspects of investing your SMSF balance. Use your self managed super fund to reap the rewards of property investment in Adelaide, or another high-growth area of Australia. At Corbwood & Associates we are passionate about helping you grow your wealth and creating the retirement you deserve. 

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