Buying residential property through an SMSF is one of the most common ways that Aussie investors look to build their retirement portfolios.

And it makes sense too. Property is a mid-to-long term investment category and SMSFs are intended for mid-to-long term investment time horizons.

Australians use SMSFs to buy residential investment properties to maximise the returns that smartly selected real estate investments have to offer.

Superannuation concessional contributions and earnings are taxed at much lower tax rates than most Australians pay through the income tax system, and the profits of rental streams received via superannuation pensions in retirement can be entirely tax free.

There simply isn’t a more tax efficient way to invest in real estate in Australia than by using a properly structured SMSF and a professionally prepared financial plan for your superannuation savings.

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Making the most out of transition-to-retirement rules

The transition-to-retirement rules generously permit Australians to access their superannuation early in order to transition out of full-time work into reduced hours and more flexible arrangements.

More importantly, however, for many people, they also enable taxpayers to work less but continue to maintain their property investment arrangements and other commitments to achieve a longer retirement.

If you are 55 to 60 years of age and still working, the transition-to-retirement rules can permit you to commute a portion of your superannuation and transfer it into a pension account to supplement your other income and support your financial commitments.

The amount of the pension you draw is flexible within the rules and can be tailored to your particular needs and objectives.

So if you are worried that stopping work may mean running out of money later in life, a carefully structured financial plan that uses the transition-to-retirement rules might enable you to reduce your level of work without necessarily sacrificing your retirement benefits as you age.

Obtaining faster home loan approval for Australians heading into retirement

Most Australians who are watching their children grow up, (and their career timelines shorten!) don’t know where to start to further their property investment intentions.

Start with Corbwood & Associates! We help thousands of Australians just like you find the finance, find the property, find the strategy and execute the plan to build a real estate portfolio that you can depend upon for profitable returns when the kids leave home and you enter into retirement.

Our firm has access to a specialised network of financiers with products tailored to more mature investors.  And because we know they are committed to your demographic, we can put together winning applications that cover all of their requirements, saving you valuable time in the approval process.

They say timing is everything in real estate, so obtaining faster home loan approval is essential to empowering you to snap up the best opportunities when they come around.

Use Corbwood & Associates to organise your real estate finance when you are looking to build your retirement nest egg.

Why investing in property is an essential retirement strategy

Investing in property is an essential retirement strategy for all Australians, not matter where you live or how old you are.

Share markets are volatile no matter what stock you pick, and they can rise and fall in a heartbeat when news breaks of the next virus, the next tech upset and the next walls street scandal.

As you get older, you value steady growth and assured financial performance more and more, both for your own peace of mind and for the security of your loved ones who depend on you.

That’s why investing in “bricks and mortar” provides the financial foundation for your investment portfolio and it’s why so many Australians choose the bedrock stock of Australian rental properties to underpin their financial future.

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